Hi, we create live action and animated videos to explain your business or sell your product. Please take a look at our samples below, read the FAQ, or get started!

How long does it take to produce a video?

The process takes roughly 2-3 weeks, but it really depends on how fast you give us feedback. Other factors that contribute to project turnaround are style of video and video length.

It's super expensive, right?

Not at all! Compared to industry bigs, our prices are very reasonable. Guaranteed thousands cheaper. Sean Duran Studios will work with your budget. Click get started and fill out the form to get a quote. Expect a response in under 24 hours.

Do you write the script? How does it all work?

Most companies know their product or business better than we do, but they don't often know how to market themselves. We tend to work best when we're handed a rough draft of a script and are allowed to make modifications. From there, we'll come up with ideas to represent what the script is trying to show and then we'll create a storyboard. Once it's finalized, we create the voice over. After that is the artwork stage, then animation, and finally editing. We put all the scenes together, add music and sound effects, and top it off with the voice over. You get the completed video in beautiful, crisp 1080p resolution.

But I already have voice over/script/storyboard done, now what?

That's fine too. We can work with whatever you've got.

Anything else I should know?

We're an extremely passionate team of individuals. We only take on a few clients each month so we can ensure quality and timeliness.



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What kind of video are you looking for?

Breaking Into Wall Street
Bedford / St. Martin's
Command Post
One Post
Kareo Overview
Metalab Flow
Privacy Lock
Unified Remote