Energy Saving Decisions
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Reconnecting You with Opportunity
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Worry Less, Live More
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Smarter Investing
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Outbound Dialing Specialists
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See You on the Other Side
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Simple Task Management
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Color is Everywhere
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Marketing on the Fly
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Our Client List

The first step is always learning about your company and figuring out the best strategy for a type of video that would benefit you the most. From there, our copywriter will put together a script. Or if you already have one, we may offer suggestions for how to improve it.
We'll first put together a written storyboard to get the ideas flowing. Then we'll create an illustrated version to give a better sense for how it will all come together.
We like to make sure you know what you're getting even before we start production, so the last step of pre-production is to complete a single scene. If we're doing animation, this gives you a chance to make revisions before we create all of the artwork.
We'll send you a list of actors to choose from. We record/film our casting calls, so you'll be able to see/hear a list of actors reading from your actual script before we decide to hire one.
At this point, it's all on us. We'll schedule and film the actors, compelte the animation, or in some cases do both. We'll also license a music track and add sound design and send over a rough cut for approval.
We typically offer two rounds of major revisions per video. And we keep all of our files from every project we do. So if you ever need to make changes in the future we're glad to help.